Corporate Governance

Like any corporation, at Village Farms, we’re governed by laws and regulations, but we’re also governed by something equally powerful: A strong sense of doing what’s right. This, combined with stable governance, helps assure responsible success.

Leadership, Directors & Committees

In addition to setting the overall direction for the company, our highly experienced leadership team makes all strategic, financial, and operational decisions for the company.

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At Village Farms, we live our values every day. Integrity. Social responsibility. Transparency. Inclusiveness. Fairness. And an unwavering commitment to ethical standards across all our companies and operations. To us, being a good corporate citizen is inextricably linked to our success. And our Ethics and Compliance team performs its duties in a seamless and transparent manner.

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    Code of Ethics and Whistleblower Policy

  • Policies
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    Disclosure and Insider Trading Policy

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    Equal Employment Opportunity

  • Governance
  • Board

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    Mandate of the Board of Directors

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    Corporate Governance & Nominating Committee Charter – April 2023

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    Written Position of Chairman of the Board

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    Compensation Committee Charter – April 2023

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    Audit & Risk Management Committee Charter – April 2023


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    Articles of Incorporation

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    Majority Voting Policy

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    Advance Notice Policy

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