• <b>Spring into Summer</b>

    Spring into Summer

    We are ready to Spring into Summer! It's starting to
    warm up and we are excited to share our newest summer
    recipes with you! The Maverick Mix® adds the perfect
    blend of flavor and nutrients to any dish this season!

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  • <b>Who is Sara?</b>

    Who is Sara?

    Sensational Sara® is a novel tomato variety with a stunning deep red color
    inside and out. One slice through her juicy sweet flesh reveals her vibrant
    color that is simply mesmerizing. Her flavor is best described as a perfect
    natural balance of sugar to acid ratio.

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  • <b>Eat the Rainbow!</b>

    Eat the Rainbow!

    Anyone else craving bright, spring flavors? Us too! Try these Spring Rolls
    with our Scrumptious Mini® cucumbers and Sweet Bells® peppers dipped
    in a deliciously creamy peanut sauce. You won’t regret it, trust us!

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  • <b>Thankful Thursday</b>

    Thankful Thursday

    This Thursday we give thanks to Deep. For over 10 years, Deep has been an
    integral part of the Village Farms Integrate Pest Management (IPM) team
    in our Delta, BC greenhouse. As an IPM Technician, Deep’s role is crucial
    for the health & safety of our plants and their fruit.

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