• <b>Who is Sara?</b>

    Who is Sara?

    Sensational Sara® is a novel tomato variety with a stunning deep red color
    inside and out. One slice through her juicy sweet flesh reveals her vibrant
    color that is simply mesmerizing. Her flavor is best described as a perfect
    natural balance of sugar to acid ratio.

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  • <b>Easy as Pie!</b>

    Easy as Pie!

    These Heavenly Villagio Marzano® Tomato and Burrata Hand Pies
    are great for both lunch boxes and meals at home! And the best part?
    ...You can easily bake them ahead of time and simply just re-heat!

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  • <b>Thankful<br />Thursday</b>


    This Thursday we give thanks to Derin, who is our VP of Admin, Compliance, and Human
    Resources in Texas. Pictured on left on with Silverio, a long time Village Farms employee.
    We salute Derin as well as the entire Village Farms Safety team, for keeping our employees
    safe and healthy now more than ever through these challenging times.

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