Our past made us what we are today.

We commissioned this painting by renowned artist Shirley Chapman upon our 25th anniversary, to capture the essence of our company’s journey.

Every part of the picture tells a bit of our story: from the brightness of good days, along with some of the dark clouds every farmer inevitably faces. That sense of perseverance even in the face of uncertainty. Good people, working the land as best they know how.

Almost 35 years ago, we took the personal care and devotion of those village farmers and melded it with modern/high-tech greenhouse growing methods. In fact, we pioneered Controlled Environment Agriculture in North America, and became a leader in the produce industry. Now we’re applying all of our expertise and knowledge of greenhouse growing to the flourishing cannabis and health and wellness markets.

It’s a natural extension of what we’ve always done – contributed to the wellbeing of people, while respecting the planet. Not unlike the farmers who originally inspired us. It took a village to build our company into what it is today, and what it is yet to become tomorrow. And for that, we’ve very grateful.

Where we’ve been.

In the late ‘80s, we went all in on a big idea: That growing in a high-technology greenhouse could be way more efficient than growing outdoors. This method offers vastly more yield from the same amount of land, while using less precious natural resources. Since then, we’ve helped to pioneer many of the techniques that have been embraced by the industry today. We allow our vegetables to ripen on the vine for mouth-watering flavor. They’re carefully picked by hand and delivered fast, so that they always taste their best. They’re always GMO-free. And we’ve invested heavily in smart technologies and companies that allow us to generate our own clean energy.

Where we’re headed.

Having mastered greenhouse grown produce, we’re now leveraging all that considerable learning and putting it to good use in the fast-growing cannabis and wellness spaces. In 2017 we envisioned and created Pure Sunfarms, one of Canada’s biggest and most respected cannabis growers and one of the country’s top-selling brands. They artfully blend traditional greenhouse expertise with hands-on knowledge of legacy growing practices. In 2021, we added Colorado-based Balanced Health Botanicals, one of the leading CBD brands and e-commerce platforms in the country. For just as one farm can feed many, one company can bring a variety of offerings to market as well.