February 15, 2022

Village Farms International Appoints Business Leader and Capital Markets Veteran Ann Gillin Lefever as Executive Vice President of Corporate Affairs

Ms. Gillin Lefever is an accomplished business, financial and capital markets executive, who has leveraged her deep experience in equity analysis, capital markets, governance and business strategy for a successful career as an advisor to C-level and board leadership on structuring businesses to create a foundation for positive long-term operating performance, strategy and communications.

“I am thrilled to welcome Ann to the Village Farms’ executive team,” said Michael DeGiglio, CEO, Village Farms.  “Village Farms’ has had the benefit of Ann’s expertise and experience for several years as a consultant to the Company, throughout which time her counsel has been integral to our strategic planning, analysis, capital markets strategy and communication.  She brings a unique and valued perspective to the team that is firmly aligned with our evolution to a vertically integrated plant-based consumer products company, focused on cannabinoids and related health products, with opportunities in North America and around the world.  I look forward to her continued contribution, now as a full-time member of the Village Farms’ team.”

In addition to Village Farms, Ms. Gillin Lefever advised several other organizations on governance and financial strategies while dedicating time to her family, whom she describes as her life-mentors.   Her prior professional experience includes roles in the Equities Division management teams of Barclays Capital and Lehman Brothers, where she was Head of the Institutional Sales Team for four years. She also developed a business model, Desk-Based Analytics, that created synergies between equity traders and institutional clients and led to increased market share and profitability through innovative content.  As a Senior Equity Research analyst covering Consumer Products at both Lehman Brothers and Sanford Bernstein, Ann won many awards for ground-breaking coverage and relished a partnership with other esteemed Food, Beverage and Tobacco analysts at Lehman Brothers. Ms. Gillin Lefever holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance from Georgetown University and an MBA from The Wharton School.  Currently, she sits on Georgetown University McDonough School’s Board of Advisors.

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