July 3, 2024

Thoughts from Mike DeGiglio, President & CEO, Village Farms regarding the “Cultivating Tomorrow’s Leaders: Village Farms Fresh Greenhouse Tours Help Inspire Young Minds” initiative

This initiative holds profound significance for Village Farms as it focuses on nurturing our future generations. Educating children about the origins of their food and acquainting them with the farms that cultivate the produce their families enjoy goes beyond merely “putting a face to the food.” It establishes a meaningful connection to farms and farmers for the students. Knowing that their local farmers reside within their community and cultivate the very food they consume fosters a profound sense of belonging and appreciation for their environment.


We are enthusiastic our sustainable Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) practices align with the practices these students are learning in their classrooms. Our approach, which emphasizes resource efficiencies and environmental stewardship principles such as water conservation, through our use of hydroponics for example, is just one of the environmentally friendly aspects of this type of farming.  

At Village Farms, contributing to the community is ingrained in our corporate ethos. Providing educational opportunities for potential future farmers exemplifies our commitment to sustainable agricultural practices. Efficient resource management in farming is not just a requirement for food security; it is essential for our collective future. Recognizing the scarcity of CEA training programs at the university level in the United States, we advocate for expanding these initiatives to ensure a steady and economically viable food supply.

Community involvement transcends financial metrics for us; it embodies a profound responsibility woven into our corporate culture. It reflects our dedication to the well-being of the communities where our facilities are located, where our employees live, and where their families thrive. By prioritizing this commitment, we strengthen the bond between our business and the communities we serve.

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