Christopher C. Woodward



Mr. Woodward is a member of the Audit Committee and Compensation Committee. Mr. Woodward serves as a director for a number of private and public companies as well as charitable institutions. These include the P.A. Woodward Medical Foundation, Brentwood College and the Sea to Sky Gondola Corp. He serves as the current Chair for the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, and the Chair of the Keg Royalty Trust.




Dr. Roberta Cook -

Stephen C. Ruffini - Director & Chief Financial Officer

David Holewinski - Director & Management Consultant

Christopher C. Woodward - Director

John P. Henry - Chairman of the Audit Committee and Director

Michael A. DeGiglio - Director & Chief Executive Officer

John R. McLernon - Chairman, Chairman of the Compensation Committee and Director


Stephen C. Ruffini - Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Michael A. DeGiglio - President & Chief Executive Officer