Board of Directors
Board Committees
  • Village Farms International

    Michael A. DeGiglio

    President & Chief Executive Officer

    Stephen Ruffini

    Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

    Ann Gillin Lefever

    Ann Gillin Lefever

    Executive Vice President Corporate Affairs

    Paul Furfaro

    Senior Vice President, Strategy

    Orville Bovenschen

    Vice President, European Business Development/Operations

    Patti Smith

    Vice President Corporate Controller

    Lofton Barnes

    Vice President Corporate Human Resources

    Paul Selina

    Vice President Applied Research & Development

    Jonathan Bos

    Vice President Asset Development

    Bill Lowe

    Vice President Information Technology

    Michael Bledsoe, PhD

    Vice President Food Safety & Regulatory Affairs

    Village Farms Fresh

    Bret T. Wiley

    Senior Vice President Sales & Sales Operations

    Michael Minerva

    Senior Vice President Grower Relations Supply Development

    Derin Gemmel

    Vice President HR Admin & Compliance - USA

    Arie Van Der Giessen

    Vice President Regional Facility Manager - USA

    Dirk de Jong

    Vice President Regional Facilities Manager -Canada

    Andrew Gigante

    Vice President Financial Planning & Analysis

    Pure Sunfarms

    Orville Bovenschen


    Rob Baldwin

    Vice President Cultivation & Greenhouse Operations

    Hamid Shekarchi

    Chief Financial Officer

    Maria Guest

    Vice President Brand

    Julia Cameron

    Vice President Communications & Corporate Affairs

    Scott Gapic

    Vice President Technology

    Kyle Watson

    Vice President Commercial

    ROSE LifeScience

    Davide Zaffino

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Brian Stevenson

    Chief Operating Officer

    Valentine Vaillant

    Chief Commercial Officer

    Tamara Lovi

    Chief Business Officer

    Amyn Lechheb

    Vice President Business Development

    Daniel Simard

    Vice President Strategy

    Gabriela Loureiro

    Vice President Human Resources

    Eduardo Gioia

    Vice President Finance

    Balanced Health Botanicals

    Bill Stoufer


    Andrew Papilion

    Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

    John P. Harloe, J.D., Ph.D.

    General Counsel

    James Shoeboot

    Executive Vice President Technology

    Ellese Symons

    Vice President Marketing

    Mark Grunder

    Vice President Operations