Christopher C. Woodward


Mr. Woodward is a member of the Audit Committee and Compensation Committee. Mr. Woodward serves as a director of a number of private, public companies and charitable institutions. These include the P.A. Woodward Medical Foundation, , Brentwood College and the Sea to Sky Gondola Corp. He serves as the  current Chair Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, and the Chair of the Keg Royalty Trust.




Dr. Roberta Cook - Director of the Company

Stephen C. Ruffini - Director & Chief Financial Officer

David Holewinski - Director & Management Consultant

Christopher C. Woodward - Director

John P. Henry - Chairman of the Audit Committee and Director

Michael A. DeGiglio - Director & Chief Executive Officer

John R. McLernon - Chairman, Chairman of the Compensation Committee and Director


Stephen C. Ruffini - Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Michael A. DeGiglio - President & Chief Executive Officer