Dr. Roberta Cook


From 1985-2016, Dr. Cook was a Cooperative Extension Marketing Economist in the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) at the University of California, Davis. She conducted applied research and industry outreach programs focusing on the marketing and international trade of fresh fruits and vegetables, including the North American fresh tomato market, and trends in consumer demand and food distribution. She has a PhD in Agricultural Economics from Michigan State University. She served on the Board of Directors of Ocean Mist Farms, Naturipe Farms and Sunkist, as well as numerous other board and advisory boards in the produce industry. For nearly a decade, Dr. Cook was Faculty Director of the California Agribusiness Executive Seminar co-sponsored by the University of California, Davis and Wells Fargo Bank. She was honored as one of the top 25 produce industry leaders in 2011 by The Packer.


Dr. Roberta Cook -

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