Directors & Management

Village Farms International, Inc.

John R. McLernon - Chairman, Chairman of the Compensation Committee and Director

John P. Henry - Chairman of the Audit Committee and Director

Christopher C. Woodward - Director

David Holewinski - Director & Management Consultant

Michael A. DeGiglio - Director & Chief Executive Officer

Stephen C. Ruffini - Director & Chief Financial Officer


Michael A. DeGiglio - President & Chief Executive Officer

Stephen C. Ruffini - Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Bret Wiley - Senior Vice President Sales & Sales Operations

Michael Minerva - Senior Vice President Grower Relations Supply Development

Derin Gemmel - Vice President of HR Administration and Compliance- Texas Operations

Arie Van der Giessen - Vice President & Regional Facility Manager - Texas

Dirk de Jong - Vice President & Regional Facility Manager - Canada

Michael Bledsoe, PhD - Vice President Food Safety & Regulatory Affairs

Paul Selina - Vice President of Applied Research

Jonathan Bos - Vice President of Asset Development

Debi Street - Vice President Variety Development & Innovation

Andrew Gigante - Vice President Financial Planning & Analysis

Bill Lowe - Vice President of Information Technology

Lofton Barnes - Director Corporate Human Resources

Helen L. Aquino - Director Brand Marketing & Communication

Wayne Smith - Director of Transportation & Logistics

Meredith Reilly - Director of Sales Administration

Patti Smith - Corporate Controller