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Investor Relations

Steve Ruffini
Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer (Privacy Policy Administrator)
407-936-1190 x340

Sales and Marketing

Bret Wiley
Senior Vice President Sales & Sales Operations
407-936-1190 x371

Michael Minerva
Senior Vice President Grower Relations Supply Development
407-936-1190 x356

Debi Street
Vice President Variety Development & Innovation
407-936-1190 x320

Helen L. Aquino
Director Brand Marketing & Communications
407-936-1190 x312

Meredith Reilly
Director Sales Administration
407-936-1190 x302

Grower Relations

Human Resources

Derin Gemmel
Vice President of HR Administration and Compliance- Texas Operations
682-647-1214 x456

Lofton Barnes
Director Corporate Human Resources
407-936-1190 x323

Food Safety

Michael Bledsoe, PhD
Vice President Food Safety & Regulatory Affairs
407-936-1190 x313

Business Development/Technology

Paul Selina
Vice President of Applied Research
407-936-1190 x315

Jonathan Bos
Vice President of Asset Development
407-936-1190 x316